Follow d Links below 2Download my songs and Share…… LilnellyMr Yinax ft Reflex Soundz -Shoki Dj Mix. ….via. http://kasimp3.co.za/172493 Lilnelly Mr Yinax ft Whizkalifa -See you Again via http://kasimp3.co.za/172494 2face ft Lilnelly Mr Yinax – WEDDING DAY via http://kasimp3.co.za/172495 Nicki Minaj ft Lilnelly Mr Yinax & Jt Warrior -High School Remix via http://kasimp3.co.za/172498. Lilnelly Mr yinax ft Don Moppy J BadMan via. _http://kasimp3.co.za/159201 Lilnelly Mr Yinax ft Vigour_BAD via http://kasimp3.co.za/125829. Lilnelly Mr Yinax_MAKOSSA via http://kasimp3.co.za/159200 Lilnelly Mr Yinax_SAMPLE via http://kasimp3.co.za/159199. Promotions and Bookings call 07038928373 or 08156793905 Twitter @lilnellymryinax /@
@WhatsAPP 07038928373.
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